Windhoek Pure Beer Society Venues

The “Pure Beer Society” was created to celebrate men who appreciate only the finest beer. More precisely, a beer that’s 100% pure, brewed using the finest malted barley, hops and water. A beer made of the right stuff.

Working in the design team at The Jupiter Drawing Room, we developed the look and feel for beer brand Windhoek’s Pure Beer Society venues – existing venues, re-launched with handcrafted furniture and fittings made from materials specifically selected for authenticity and quality.

The transformation of the venues stayed true to the Windhoek philosophy, using custom-made items that are 100% authentic; hand-crafted to the highest standard. A number of bespoke items were also developed, including illustrated wallpaper demonstrating how to taste beer and Windhoek security grills for taverns.

Cheers! Windhoek toasts township taverns.

Posted By: TMO Reporter @ The Media Online

Township taverns are sociable but often, rudimentary places. Historically, advertising collateral in this context has responded by being cheap and basic. And competition between beer brands is tough: rivals rips down, cover or paint over competitor branding.

The resulting environment is not a pretty one. Cutting through this clutter to reach consumers is a real challenge for brand managers…

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