A diverse haven of biodiversity, culture, and natural wonder, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve offers guests a world-class luxury escape with nature-focussed activities within its 2500 hectares of pristine wilderness and coastlines.

On a mission to inspire, educate and indulge visitors from all over the world, we delivered an identity system that played into the way guests assumed the role of “intrepid explorer” when preparing for the safari activities on offer.

The Grootbos corporate identity system is as educational as it is elegant. The new icon presents Grootbos as cradled within the dense natural biodiversity of its surrounding nature reserve.

We commissioned meticulously detailed ink sketches starring the “big 5” representatives of four natural biomes found within the reserve. Birds, marine animals, flora, and fauna feature across all Grootbos collateral, set against a colour palette inspired by local fynbos. Every touchpoint serves to educate and inspire visitors of the natural wonders that surround them.


Anton Fernandes ~ Kornershop

Production Manager

Ismaeel Grant ~ Crisp Creative