“FLAVOUR TOTEMS” for Sparletta

A friendly face helps attract sales, especially when smiling out from cold fridges on a hot South African day.

This unqiue design concept brought vibrant life and personality to a much-loved children’s classic, produced by the Coca-Cola Company.


Tasked to assist a successful software business envision a brand language that would attract investors, we focussed on the business intrinsics that set them apart.

By narrowing down the WHAT, WHO and HOW the company operates, we identified a design strategy built upon the concept of SYMBIOSYS: that their software, clients, and indeed their own staff, perform “better together”.

Including unique insights found in the spirited personalities of the company founders, we delivered an identity strategy incorporating the bold, confident and motivational aesthetic found in war-era propaganda posters.


Fabien De Fontenay ~ The SeeWhy


Jay Gordon ~ Jay Gordon Draws

The VCG are a “gang” of South African creatives producing content for visionary brands, agencies & artists.

Responding to a brief that “we should be able to tattoo the logo on our bodies”, and in the spirit of how local gangs in Cape Town creatively appropriate existing brands to position themselves, the VCG logo irreverently declares them as contemporary, rule-breaking pioneers in the African content industry.


A presentation document created alongside original POS display concepts and shoe concepts pitched to The Walt Disney Company.


Corporate identity for a financial client in Germany with its roots in proud South African heritage.

Image credits:
Sparletta: @gypsybirdmakeup on Instagram
Veldkornet: Captureson Photography on Unsplash