Looking to share the “Four Cousins” family story with Van Loveren customers, we conceived and delivered an intimate timeline installation at the Van Loveren brand home in Robertson.

Spending some time with the family recollecting stories, browsing photo albums and delving through crates and boxes, we collated a selection of nostalgic family memorabilia to feature in a timeline of picture frames that evolve in style from vintage to modern as the story progresses.

Visitors to the Van Loveren wine tasting room can learn about the Four Cousins story across a collection of nostalgic family memorabilia, the like of which would usually be confined to a private living room.

Included are novel curiosities such as candid family photos, vintage wines featuring original label designs, trophies, traditional recipes and interesting excerpts of financial statements from days gone by.

At the centre of the display, a popular selfie wall, adorned with messages from visitors over the years, invites guests themselves be framed as part of an ever-growing Van Loveren family story.

Scottish Cousin whisky, an innovation by South Africa’s Four Cousins brand, has rocketed to fame after it clinched Gold beside some of the world’s iconic Scotches at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC).

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